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Most people are in agreement, being stuck in back to back meetings is just dreadful. It can get monotonous very quickly, especially when the meetings are completely unnecessary. They can be very boring, and to put it bluntly it takes away time that more crucial work could be getting done. However, there are several ways to ensure that meetings are more efficient. The following tips can help plan for a more productive meeting if planned accordingly.

Take a moment to evaluate whether this meeting is really necessary. Many times people feel that it is important to call a meeting to deliver information in person or have an open discussion. If the information can simply be sent in a quick message via email, or a short 15 minute discussion in the office then this is the route to go. Skip calling a formal meeting and cut right to the chase. 

Only invite those who are needed to the meeting if calling one. It is not necessary to invite every single person to be in attendance. Doing so only wastes their valuable time when they could be focusing on other tasks. If it is important for them to hear what was formally discussed in the meeting then having a summary created of everything talked about is perfectly fine. Not only will they be grateful that their time has been saved, but you will rest assured that they have all of the information necessary in writing.

It can become very easy to forget the meeting with life staying so busy. It is always recommended to send out reminders for everyone involved. Send out a reminder two days prior to the meeting with an option to confirm whether they will be in attendance. If some are unable to make it, then there is plenty of notice given with the option of rescheduling for another day.

Once the meeting is in session it is critical stay on topic. It is easy to get side tracked and go off tangent. If off-topic questions are brought up simply let the staff know that it will be addressed in another meeting or privately. People grow very frustrated when a meeting takes a different direction and loses all focus.