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Marketing can be a real challenge when dealing with a small budget. Getting the business to reach more customers can easily cost a huge chunk of change. However, with social media continuing to be a growing platform it has gotten easier in recent years. With the use of some of these tools, marketing has now become more cost effective to market a business. The following are several ways to organize a marketing plan on a small budget.

Social media contests are an excellent way to draw attention quickly on these platforms. Not only does this help to build brand awareness, but this is great for generating leads within your targeted market. Select a prize that fits the company brand and draws a significant interest. Give the customer a call to action in order to participate, such as tagging other friends, sharing the post, liking it, and following the company page.

There is no question about it, people love freebies! At first, the thought of developing swag or freebies might give the impression that it could cost quite a bit of money. There are ways to develop freebies that cost hardly anything. Coupons and small samples of the product are the perfect way to provide potential customers with a freebie. When handing out freebies, exchange them for an email address and leads will automatically be generated. 

Take the opportunity to organize local events that could help promote the business within your community. Hosting low-cost events in your area can be the perfect way to build your reputation. If undertaking this task, it’s important for the event to be carefully planned out to ensure that it stays on budget. Utilizing social media to help spread the word about the event is an effective way to make sure that people show up.

Give customers the chance to be rewarded for their help in advertising. Creating a referral or rewards program will allow them to feel appreciated. With a simple monetary reward, you are able to draw in more customers while building a sense of loyalty with those who are referring people to your business. Implementing this system within the business is a win for all, and allows others to bring in new customers.